PVE Tutorial

Hello everyone, I am here to introduce the PVE game play mode of X-Metaverse.
First of all, we need to buy 3 space-battleships and 1 pilot in the market, then go to the game page, click the "Formation" button to adjust your fleet.
There are a total of seven positions in the adjust fleet page where you can place your battleship, which are position one to position seven. Position one is located at the front of the team, positions two, three and four are located in the middle of the team, and positions five, six and seven are located at the back of the team.
You can adjust your fleet you want, click the 1-7 position, select the battleship, then you can place the battleship on the corresponding position.
Then select the grid to the right of the battleship and click on it to add the pilot of that battleship.
For example, when we assign a pilot to a destroyer, we also need to select a pilot fits for the destroyer. Otherwise, the pilot's skill will not take effect.
We can also change the formation position of the battleship, just click on the battleship, and then click on other positions, then you can change the position of the battleship.
Then follow the steps above, we continue to add 2 battleships, then the team will have 3 battleships and 1 pilot. The basic requirment of PVE is 3 battleship and 1 pilot (We can also add 2 more pilot), then click the save button to save the formation and then you can proceed to PVE.
Then we go back to the main page, click the PVE button.
When we enter the PVE, we can see that there are 5 galaxies. We choose galaxy 1 as sample.
Then click on the stage 1-1, we can see the level information, then click on the "START" button in the lower right corner to start the PVE battle.
During the PVE battle, clear the previous stage to unlock the next level, and clear the stage with 3 star (no one battleship destoryed) can also unlock the sweep function.
You can complete more difficult stage by upgraded your battleship! The upgraded battleships will not only improve their attributes, but also the attack power and shield value of their skill cards.
The stage clear rewards will increase as the level progresses, so in order to get more rewards, please upgrade your battleship and pass the higher levels!