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All milestone of X-Metaverse

  • 12/2021
🏅 Launched our NFT on TofuNFT, Treasureland NFT, Element market
🏅 Smart NFT news published the news about the cooperation of x-metaverse and TofuNFT
  • 1/2022
🏅 Launched on DappRadar, Binance NFT, BinanceNFT retweeted the news.
🏅 The cooperation of x-metaverse and Binance NFT was on the front page of BSC daily.
🏅 The sale of blind box ranking number 1 in the daily trade of BinanceNFT
🏅 Alpha v1 testing begins.
🏅 Pop star Xu Jinglei and her friend Huang Liaoyuan showed a photo of the blind box and said it was their first NFT.
  • 2/2022
🏅 Entered Binance NFT weekly trading ranking Top 3 for a long time.
🏅 Alpha v2 test started with over 2100+ users participating.
🏅 X-Metaverse NFT total trading on binance NFT reached $1 million.
  • 03/2022
🏅 5000 starskeleton mystery box sold out in 1 second in BinanceNFT.
🏅 Open the official NFT Marketplace V1 version.
  • 04/2022
🏅 X-Metaverse Beta version launched.
🏅 Yellow Badge NFT released.
🏅 Red Badge NFT released.
🏅 Pilot and Space Battleship NFT upgrades launched.
  • 5/2022
🏅 The X-Metaverse official version was launched on May 10, as reported by BSCDaily.
🏅 $XMETA successfully completed a public sale of over 34,000,000 tokens by launching IDO's on 3 top launch boards at GameFi, Red Kite and NFTb simultaneously.
🏅 XMETA was successfully included in CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap.
  • 6/2022
🏅 X-Metaverse successfully listing on PancakeSwap on June 21, first day trading volume exceeded $1.74 million.
🏅 Mining Town, LP Staking, Pilot Staking, battleShip Staking launched.
🏅 PVP Grand Prix launched.
🏅 X-Metaverse player count exceeded 1000+.
🏅 New Friend Invitation System launched.
  • 7/2022
🏅 Marketplace V2 version and trading payment via XMETA tokens feature launched.
🏅 XMETA completed its first token burn for a total of 22,051,785 XMETA, and updated the plan of subsequent token destruction.
🏅 Community updated the X-Metaverse DAO governance draft.
🏅 Started a friend invite event with the 236K XMETA reward pool.
🏅 Started token trading event with 495K XMETA reward pool.
🏅 X-Metaverse player count successfully exceeded 2000+.
  • 8/2022
🏅 XMETA in-game deposit/withdrawal feature opened.
🏅 New gameplay Star Guard and Gem System launched.
  • 9/2022
🏅 X-Metaverse DAO governance structure was released, and the related voting functionality has been initially established in Discord.
🏅 XMETA completed its 2nd token burning with a total of 385,423.4 XMETA.
🏅 Optimized and updated the skills of Space Battleship and Pilot, respectively.
  • 10/2022
🏅 Launched the Space Jump.
🏅 XMETA completed the 3rd token burning, the total amount of destruction was 629,717.38 XMETA.
  • 11/2022
🏅 Launched the full DAO function.
🏅 XMETA completed the 4th token burning, the total amount of destruction was 251,343 XMETA.
  • 12/2022
🏅 Completedthe first DAO dividend pay to investors participating in VeXMETA dividen, with a total distribution of 897,594 XMETA.
🏅 XMETA completed the 5th token burning, the total amount of destruction was 274,261 XMETA.
  • 1/2023
🏅Pleased to release the betaversion of X-Metaverse Space,open the recruitment for inbound metaverse partners.
🏅XMETA completed the 6th token burning,the total amount of destruction was 88,554 XMETA.
🏅The second DAO dividend pav. 600,000 XMETA were distributed in total.