Players must have at least 1 pilot and 3 space-battleships to join the battle in X-Metaverse
  • Battle formation

    X-metaverse is a strategy card game. When playing the game in X-Metaverse, players must have at least 1 pilot and 3 space-battleships and upto 3 pilots and 3 space-battleships at max in the battle formation with each pilot on board one corresponding battleship. Players can arrange the formation and sequence according to the type of space-battleships and the pilot skills. Battle according to the preset tactic formation.
  • Round-based strategy

    A variety of combat strategies can be formulated through the combination of different battleship skills and navigator skills. Combine the best skills and fight to win!
  • Card game

    There are going to be 150 skill cards in the game, out of which 120 skill cards for space-battleships and 30 skill cards for pilots, new skills will continue to be introduced. Each space-battleships have 4 skill cards, and each pilot have 1 skill card for the space-battleships on-boarded. You can use cards to release their specific skills and fight with the enemy freely during battle.
  • Pilot skills

Our pilot provides one skill for the space-battleships on-boarded. The effect of the skill is related to the aspect of the pilot. The higher the level of the pilot, the stronger their skill. If players use the pilot skills wisely, will have a great advantage over their opponents. There are 30 kinds of skills for the three major races of pilots, 10 kinds of skill cards for the Mankind, 10 kinds of skill cards for the Alien Guardian, 10 kinds of skill cards for the AI-shells. New pilot skills will continue to be introduced as we progress with the game.
  • Space-battleship skills

Each space-battleship in the game will provide 4 combat skills. The effect of the skill is related to the quality of the space-battleship. The higher the quality, the stronger the skills. There are total of 120 space-battleship skills, including 24 skills for Frigates, 24 skills for interceptors, 24 skills for cruisers, 24 skills for bombers, and 24 skills for destroyers and new skills will be introduced due course of the game.