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Mankind, Alien Guardian, AI-Shells

Which galaxy race would you choose to be your pilot?

Pilot NFT is the most cost-effective NFT in the game as a prerequisite for battles and participating in Space Jump and land-related functions. Every pilot has a skill. Different galaxy races have different skill attribute bonuses, and a wide range of skills make combats more strategic and interesting. If the pilot's skills match the space-battleship, it will achieve a positive combat effect in the battle.
Pilot from each race has exclusive skills that bring bonuses to the space-battleships he pilots!
  • Mankind

Descendant of Mankind prisoners who fled here millions years ago. They are especially highly intelligent, who can create the highest performance space-battleship. Mankind live on oxygen and water.
3.5 millions years ago, mankind and Al-shells fled to the Knight galaxy. Al-shells occupied Kara planet in the Knight galaxy. And mankind have found a future planet suitable for them. In the future planet, there are mountains and waters, and the temperature remains at 25 ℃ all year round. It is the most suitable planet for mankind habitation in the Knight galaxy. They set up a base on the future planet. Lisa is their leader now, who has an important family mission: return to the megalithic planet of the galaxy and regain the leadership, wash away the reputation of their defectors.
Mankind brings one skill to the space-battleship
  • Alien Guardian
Alien guardian is a pure life with material existence as the core. It has no distractions, no irrational and random behavior of Mankind, the only goal of it is to survive. They live on delta energy must be synthesized from VA matter in the atmosphere.
Alien guardians live mostly on the eternal planets of the Knight Galaxy. Alien guardian which is the original race of Knight galaxy and the oldest race in the galaxy. They thrive with different races in the Knight galaxy, so they have the most different appearance forms, some with wings behind, sharp corners on their heads, and some with giant hands. Their strength is collecting information. The mission of their race is to guard the Knight galaxy. The elders of Alien Guardian are responsible for documenting the galaxy’s history, development, changes and some unknown secrets of the galaxy.
Alien guardian brings one skill to space-battleship:
  • Al-shells

Al-shells is the most powerful race in X-Meta. They live on matrix energy, which they need to be supplemented every 48 hours.
3.5 million years ago, Al-shells was originally developed by a team of top biologists from the galaxy's most powerful planet, the megalithic planet. They are high-level combat robots with powerful fighting power and destruction. Their mission is to help Carl, the leader of the planet, dominate the galaxy. After the fighting force suddenly lost control in the megalithic planet, no one knows what happened while Al-shells fled megalithic planet with a group of mankind in the space-battleship , finally arrived at the Kara and set up their first base on the planet of the Knight galaxy .
AI-Shells brings one skill to space-battleship: