Upgrade:Upgrade your space-battleship, explore and conquer more planets and defeat them (PVE) to level up and improve space-battleship attributes. space-battleship of higher levels can defeat stronger enemies and earn more.
Resources: The higher the battleship level, the stronger the unknown enemy can be defeated and the more resources can be earned. Fetch resources during the voyage to upgrade space-battleship technology in interstellar institute and pilot space-battleship to conquer galaxies.

4 parts of a space-battleship

  • Armor

    Affects the armor of the space-battleship. When the armor value becomes 0, the space-battleship is unable to fight.
  • Turret

    Affects the attack skills of space-battleships. Provides additional damage.
  • Thruster

    Affects the actions order of space-battleships. The higher the value, the faster the speed.
  • Nuclear Power

    Affects the critical strike rate of space-battleship. The higher the critical strike rate, the higher the chance to cast critical strike.

space-battleship types

This image only shows some of the ships in the game


It was built after many design adjustments. It has heavy armor and can draw enemies’ gunfire from the fleet during the attack. It is the most annoying opponent on the battlefield. Features: has high defense, and used to attract enemy attack.


The enemy on the battlefield has nowhere to hide with the existence of Interceptor. The strong reconnaissance capabilities and extreme mobility allows it to reach anywhere on the battlefield at any time. Features: Fast speed, first-strike to choose the strategies.


It is a pure and simple beast of steel, and most eye-catching on the entire battlefield. Any enemy targeted by the Cruiser can only be destroyed. Features: providing support to team, which is a necessary part of strategies.


Capable to launch nuclear strikes on the enemy bases and troops at the beginning of the battle. The battle is about to end when the Bomber succeed. Features: Highest attack, It is the main output unit of firepower.


Being the main battleship in large-scale operations. It has a variety of attack capabilities with excellent armor and speed. The destroyer is the highest in overall performance. Features: Average attack and speed, which can balance the shortage of fleet.