1. What is X-Metaverse?

X-Metaverse is a blockchain game developed with Cocos3D.
Playable in Android, iOS and PC. All game content items and characters are based on blockchain Tokens and NFT .
The visual effect and gameplay of X-Metaverse are inspired by Starcraft and Star war.
Players will be immersed in the vastness of the universe, spend time to cultivate different races and upgrade space-battleships to enter more galaxies and fetch corresponding materials. The most exciting thing is that you can ally with other players to earn crypto-coin by conquest, exploration, competition, mining, production, breeding and battle.

2. What are the first requirements for PVE and PVP battles?

Before the game start, you need at least 3 space-battleships with 1 pilot to playing this game.
PVE gameplay:Exploring and conquering unknown planets. You can get game item and material to upgrade your battleships.
PVP gameplay:Including ranking Tournament; Star Alliance war. Winning the game to get great rewards.

3. Can you tell me the specifics of the pilot?

There are three races of pilots are alien guardian, mankind, and AI-shell.
There are five ranks for the Pilots: Colonel, Major General , Lieutenant General , General, and Leader .
How to upgrade your pilot:Merge two or more pilot into one high-rank pilot.

4. Can you tell me the specifics of the space-battleship?

There are five type of Space-battleship: Crusier, Frigate, Destroyer, Bomber, Interceptor.
The space-battleship has five purity ranks: N, R, S, SR, and SSR.
4 kind of battleship parts:Armor, turret, Thruster, Nuclear power.
Parts in battleship:The same attribute parts can upgrade the battleship rank.;For example, if the battleship has a piece of armor of the same attribute, then its rank will be upgrade to R.
2 space-battleships to incubate in scientific research and development to obtain a new space-battleship blueprint; Ways: Go to the research and development page of the battleship → place the two battleships in the technology warehouse → pay the fee to get the design blueprint of the new battleship (you can either build new ship or trade it).

5. What is the gameplay of exploring and conquering unknown planets (PVE)?

The X-Metaverse has a lot of unknown planets. Players must first have 1 pilot and 3 space-battleships, explore and conquer unknown planets and fight to upgrade the space-battleships. Advanced fleets can defeat stronger unknown enemies and earn more rewards.

6. What is the gameplay of PVP Ranking tournament and Star Alliance war?

Ranking tournament: Players compete for Force Mine in this competition and update their rankings in real time; the higher the ranking, the more the reward token.
Star Alliance War: A game that opens in the later stage; players can form an alliance of space-battleship to team with other players to attack/occupy planets.

7. I heard that NFT Planet will be launched after the game is launched. IS it also sold in the form of blind boxes?

X-Metaverse's NFT items will be sold in the form of blind boxes, as well as the NFT planets launched later.
In addition, players can buy NFT planets from the marketplace. Planet holders automatically eligible to participate in special events.

8. What is NFT marketplace?

Commodities can be freely sold in the trading market. Include: space-battleships, blueprints, game items, planets, energy cores, resources, etc. All purchases and fees will be burned 4.75% Highest. X-Metaverse will naturally experience deflation as with the ecosystem continues to develop.

9.What is XMETA Token?How to get it?

A total of 900,000,000 Tokens will be issued. Facilitating the "play to earn".
The core mechanism of X-Metaverse requires the use of Tokens: breeding, registration for guild battles, In this mechanism, Tokens will be burned after use. Resulting a huge demand for Token, and these will empower it.
Ways to obtain Tokens: Ranking tournament; Star Alliance War; exploration of NFT planets and regular mining rewards.
How to get the Token: Ranking Tournament; Star Alliance war; NFT planet exploration, Mining.