Planet Land

What is Planet Land?

The three major NFTs of X-Metaverse are pilots, space-battleship and planet land.
Planet lands are available in limited quantities, and each planet lands will be sold to players. Players can control the pilot, explore and decorate the planet land, obtain resources produced at regular intervals. At the same time, players can visit planets and visit other players to build new homes on independent planet land. Players can buy or sell planet land in the trading market.

Build your planet land

To build a land in your own planet, players need to go to the trading market to purchase planet land. Sending pilot and space-battleships to build an iconic building through exploration and decoration. Building planet lands to exploit resources, develop economies and fleets of space-battleships. At the same time, players can auction the planet land they own at a high price if the buildings are attractive enough.
Planet Land: This planet mines Tokens. If the pilot level is high enough, it is possible to speed up the Planet production. Players are rewarded in exploration and in competitive events such as tournaments and space jumps.


In the vast universe, the Milky Way, the Blade Galaxy, the Knight Galaxy, and those unexplored galaxies forms the X-Metaverse, where different intelligent life survives, and they develop, expand, and invade, all trying to become overlord of the universe.
In the remote places in the universe, there are many special planets, such as the Artist Planet, not merely the environment is beautiful. The center of this Planet is an exhibition center, which opens art exhibitions and other exhibitions; Rock Planet, not merely the shape of the planet resemble a music instrument. Various rock elements are all over the planet, concerts can be held on specific stages.