The X-Metaverse is diverse and interesting to play!
X-Metaverse is a game for all players. You can level up your space-battleship through Exploration, become the most dazzling existence in the Force Combat, fight against enemies with allies in crazy and fun Alliance War, dig treasures in the planets. Easily get resources during Interstellar Travel, or become a DUROS to lease your spare space-battleships. A wide variety of game content is available.

Galaxy exploration(PVE)

Players need to search for unknown galaxies that have not yet been discovered in universe. Its exploration range will be wider than the planet. Your fleet will go to the mysterious galaxy to explore, conquer different planets and fight with unknown enemies in PVE, collect resources and upgrade your fleet. The more advanced fleet can defeat the more powerful unknown enemies and collect more resource. After exploring the galaxy, you can research and upgrade more powerful space-battleship in the star lab, as well as improve the pilot ability, to improve the strength of the space battle.
Exploration Rewards: Black Box Fragments, URU Metal Fragments, Energy Cores. The higher the level of PVE, the more rewards obtained.

Ranking Tournament(PVP)

Players will have PVP, battle with other players using your battleship and pilot skill cards to defeat powerful opponents through various strategic combinations in this gameplay. Players will meet stronger opponent when they progress to higher rank.
At the end of the season, the higher the player's ranking in the rankings, the more Token rewards they will get in Ranking Tournament. We will update the situation of the ranking list in real time. Players can find the detailed content of the ranking list anytime and anywhere to learn about the opponents at the top of the ranking list.
Time: Each month is a season, and the leaderboard will be reset after the season ends.
Reward: Token.

Star Alliance war

In the X-Metaverse, players can raise an alliances, called "Star Alliance". Players can join, leave, or create their own star alliances. Players can also chat, interact, and assist in the same unions.
In the X-Metaverse, there is an independent universe, and the unknown planets in it are specially provided to the various interstellar alliances to snatch, so as to obtain various resources; but because of the limited resources, each alliance needs to determine the ownership through war. After each Star Alliance war, the output during the vesting period belongs to the alliance.
Star Alliance war is a kind of gameplay in PVP battle. A round of competition starts every month, and the venue for each round will be different. In each round of the Star Alliance war, the unknown planets we open will be different. Players and like-minded allies form an alliance warship team to attack/occupy unknown planets and experience the fun of fighting. In the Star Alliance war, our battleships need to race against time to quickly occupy unknown planets and prevent other battleships from taking the first place. The higher the ranking, the more Token rewards you get!
Time: one time per month
Reward: token

Space Jump

Space jump is a racing competition that players need to sign up to join. Each player sends a pilot to drive a space-battleship to race with the other players; players cannot intervene during the game, the match result will be determined by the attributes of the battleship and the pilot driving skill system.
Space-battleships have different attributes in terms of acceleration, velocity, and sprint. And these attributes will continue to improve after participating in the competition. Different types and qualities of Space Jumps have different room for improvement. It is recommended to cultivate advanced space-battleships as much as possible. Pilot guarantees the stable performance of the space-battleship's capabilities. A pilot with a higher levels makes the racing performance of the space-battleship close to perfect.
The number of participants in each round of Space Jump is tentatively set at 10, and the first three players to reach the finish line will receive corresponding Token rewards. Players need to pay certain entry fee for the Space Jump racing competition. Queue up and players will have an exciting race in the specified course!


Planet is a tradable item in the game. Players who have purchased planet will appear in the planet they own when entering the planet; If not, players will appear in the public area. Players could visit the game's marketplace to buy or sell planet land. Each planet has unique coordinates in the X-metaverse.
The planet owner can construct building and decorate their own land. Interstellar visits are possible between players Or qualify for a special event. In the later stage, the decoration workshop will be opened, which players can use the game item or material to create their own unique 3D decorations, the product can be minted as NFT and sold on the marketplace.

Interstellar Travel

Interstellar travel is a derivative game in Planet NFT. Only players who own Planet NFT can play. Players control their pilots to enter the land in other players' planet NFTs, explore, visit, kill monsters, etc., to get corresponding rewards. Regarding fighting monsters in interstellar travel, players will encounter some thieves, vandals(destructors), etc. when visiting other players' planetary NFTs. At this time, we can enter the dungeon and fight with them. Certain rewards will be drop from enemies when they are defeated; Lucky ones will receive some surprises on the way to visit.

Mining Town

Mining town is a major feature of the game, which is different from the game's trading market. Rewards available to X-Metaverse Pilot NFT owners in the upcoming Q1 staking event. Get your pilots to work for you. Tokens can be earned by staking pilots, each with an initial count, or by combining other pilots for more powerful and higher earning potential. Higher the level of pilots, less the mining time. Mining Town is a safe and convenient investment tool, and the first choice for players to make money!


Loan is a kind of NFT feature in X-Metaverse. The NFT space-battleship is an important material of the X-Metaverse, belongs to the player's private asset. In the Loan, players can lend or borrow their idle space-battleships to collect or pay the corresponding fees. A percentage of the income will be automatically charged when leasing a space-battleship. To play X-Metaverse, you need to have 1 pilot and 3 space-battleships first.
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