PVE Guide

When we enter the PVE game play mode, we can see that requires us to choose the skill cards of the battleship to attack and defend, as well as to defeat the opponent by the combination of different skill cards.
The game turn 1 initial hand is 6 cards, two card for each battleship, and the initial energy point is 4 points. 3 energy points are recover and 3 cards are drawn from the hand by each turn.
The description of the cards in game.
The skill card is divided into 4 parts in game, the left side from top to bottom are the attack power, shield value, the upper right corner is the energy value required to use the card (The card cannot be use when the energy point not enough), and the bottom is the skill description of the card.
As the speed value of each battleship is different, usually high speed battleships will be located on the leftmost side of the action bar, and slow battleships will be located on the rightmost side of the action bar. Battleships act in order from left to right.
When the enemy battleships HP become zero, we will win.
In the game, users can click the acceleration button on the left to speed up the game demo.
Players can only hold a maximum of 12 cards in their hands when battle, when you card is over 12, you need to fold a card at the turn beginning.
In the case below, there are 15 cards in hand, you need to fold 3 cards in hand to continue the game, players just select 3 cards and then click "DISMISS" button to discard. After discarding, you can continue the game.
You can get the rewards when you clear the stage. The higher the level, the more game items will be dropped.
In order to get more rewards, please go to the Battleship Hangar to upgrade your battleship with energy cores and go through higher stage levels.