Game Participation/ NFT Item purchase and trading Guide

1. PC with Google Chrome, Binance or other digital currency exchange platform installed.
2. Introduction to the use of cryptocurrency exchange ( We take Binance as a sample )
(1) Go to the Binance official website, click the [Register] button in the upper right corner, and register your account.
(2) Download Binance Mobile APP, click your avatar in the upper left corner to enter your personal center to open the professional version and complete KYC certification.
(3) Click on P2P trading to buy token. Try to buy stablecoins like USDT, but you can also choose to buy BNB directly.
(4) Now, you can make a spot trade to exchange USDT for BNB, and select the market price when trading. Once the spot trade is completed, you can see your assets in "Funding" and transfer them to other address. “If you choose to buy BNB directly, you do not need to do this step.”
(5) After spot trade, your assets withdraw need to wait for 24 HOUR due to Binance withdraw policy T + 1.
Add MetaMask extension on chrome and participate in the game
1. Open Google Chrome, go to Chrome Web Store Extensions Section search MetaMask, add it to the extension and register your account, Back up your secret phrase and password properly
2. Add the BSC network to the MetaMask wallet. Copy your BEP-20 address down, then login to the Binance Account, and withdraw the BNB prepared in advance to the MateMask BEP-20 address. (for purchasing the required pilots, space battleships or other game items)
3.Go to the X-Metaverse official website(https://www.x-metaverse.org/#/), click on "CONNECT WALLET", and then select MetaMask to login. Make sure your MetaMask wallet is unlocked before logging in.
4. After logging in, click "MARKET"-"MY ACCOUNT"-"Set email" at the top of the official website and enter your email address and password to complete the registration. Note: Set email and password are generally used for X-Metaverse game login, mining town does not need this step.
5. Click "GAME/APP"-"X-Metaverse", loading the game page web site, enter your email and password to verify and enter the game.
6. Enter the game and click "FORMATION" to adjust the formation and fleet name.
7. Return to the main game screen and click on "PVP" or "PVE" to start your X-Metaverse interstellar battle.
How to purchases the pilots, space battleships and other rare NFT resources on X-Metaverse Market
Before starting the game, you need to have at least 3 space battleships and 1 pilot on your X-Metaverse account. If you need additional X-Metaverse pilots, space battleships and other rare resources, you can purchase them in the X-Metaverse Market via XMETA (open after IDO) or BNB. As long as the owner lists their items for sale on the X-Metaverse Market, you can get them whenever you want.
1. If you want to find items you want to buy on the X-Metaverse Market(https://www.x-metaverse.org/#/wallet/market/ship), you can select "NFT MARKET" in "MARKET" page and choose the type of NFT you want to buy. This tutorial takes Space Battleship and Pilot NFT as examples.
2.Some of the NFTs in X-Metaverse are ranked differently, and different NFTs will have different attribute values. The pilot NFT ranked as senior colonel, major general, lieutenant general, general and leader. The space battleship NFT ranked as N, R, S, SR and SSR. (Note: the purchase of any level of NFT can directly participate in the game.)
3. Click "BUY NOW". You will have the item. (The transaction will be charged with BNB for internet fees.)
4. After the purchase is completed, you can check your NFT items in "MY NFT" on the "MARKET" page.
How to list, sell and transfer pilots, space battleships and other rare NFT resources on the X-Metaverse Market.
The X-Metaverse players want to sell and transfer pilots, space battleships, NFT BOXes, energy cores, blueprints, black boxes, and URU-METAL, whose haven't found the market place can be using the official market place.
1. You can find it in "MY NFT" in X-Metaverse official website. Click "MARKET" - "MY NFT".
2. Select the item you want to sell, then click the item to enter the item details page.
3.Click the "SELL" button at the top and set the price to list your items in the marketplace. If you want to transfer your items to a specific address, just click "TRANSRER" and enter the wallet address.
4. After your item listed, you can view your listed items in "MY ACCOUNT"-"ON-SALE ORDER". If you want to take down your item from marketplace, click "OFF SALE" at the end of the listed item.