Team members

The X-Metaverse team members are come from different parts of the world and have skilled technology.

team members

  • Founder:Kane Lao(CEO)

    Kane Lao has nearly 15 years of experience in the game industry. Kane previously worked as a producer in a successful Hong Kong gaming company. During his tenure in the game industry, Kane launched nearly 10 games in his listing strategy, including mobile games, and web games. Before entering the game field, Kane achieved his brilliant career in the financial field. Nowadays, the fusion of gaming, finance, and blockchain has a breakthrough, enhancing the rapid development of LCBC Games.
  • Founder:Vanny Ng(CTO)

    Vanny Ng has been a senior technical engineer working in the game industry for 18 years and has been deeply involved in the technical field. Vanny entered the blockchain industry in 2015 and gradually turned to digital asset research and technical consulting services. Vanny has a strong Linux, System Administration and DevOps skills and managed cloud-based and bare-metal co-located linux environments throughout his career. He’s expert in Javascript/NodeJS and Ruby and very proficient in other programming languages such as Python, Golang and GO.
  • Sunny Tan

    Sunny Tan, a Singaporean, worked 7 years on marketing in game industry. She is a marketing and business development specialist and has achieved many amazing results. Sunny Tan has explored both emerging markets (Vietnam) and mature markets (U.S.) and spent most of her time helping game developers with marketing development. Besides responsible for marketing, Sunny Tan also updates and improves the experience of players.
  • Mark Chen

    Mark, the senior blockchain technician from Taiwan, has 10 years of blockchain technology experience. He is the earliest blockchain technician who masters blockchain networks, such as BTC and ETH. He has independently completed various blockchain contract requirements and participated in more than 20 projects, including the construction of the main network, various Defi projects, exchange projects, etc.
  • Davy Jones

    Davy, a Taiwan, has been involved in game design since 2004 while the blockchain started in 2018. He participated in the design of various game products that monthly sales reached 3 million US dollars. As a supporter of the Play to Earn concept, he devotes to achieve a win-win for players and platforms through blockchain games.
  • Robert Saunders

    Robert, a Taiwanese Canadian, started game production in 2010 and became a technical leader because of amazing talents. The concurrent users arrived 100 thousand in his projects. He masters various programming languages, so provides a solid support to daily operation of game