We will have a new X-Metaverse game, Space Jump, launched in an update on October 18, 2022 from 7:30–10:30 UTC. Space Jump is a race that only requires players to register and purchase a space ship to participate, and is a virtual sport that has been transformed from one that exists only in science fiction to one that is unrestricted.
In the virtual world of X-Metaverse, we used blockchain and NFT technology to build an optimal platform for it, creating Space Jump, a new way to play where people can buy, trade and race NFT space battleships on.
⛽Creating Hangar
Before you participate in Space Jump, you will need a Hangar for space battleships to berth. Not sure how to do this? Simply follow the steps in https.​
🏎️Start Space Jump
The competition is the most exciting part of the X-Metaverse. Once you have one or more space battleships, visit the Space Jump event page. From this page, you will be able to access and participate in current competitions. Not only that, but you can also share the contest address and competitions ID to other players to play together.
When you don’t have battleship, you have free 10 free experience games. In the experience field, you don’t need to consume XMETA to sign up, and of course, you won’t get XMETA for winning the game.
In the match, space battleships will be assigned to 5 ranks from N to SSR according to the ranks of the battleships, and battleships of different ranks cannot compete together.
Note: When a player signs up for a field that cannot be started after 30 minutes due to not enough people joining the match, that registered field will be automatically dissolved and the registration fee will be refunded back to your game account. After a player selects a battleship for registration, if this match is not finished, that battleship cannot repeat registration for other matches.
💰Space Jump Rewards
Everyone can participate in space jump and offers a generous prize pool. Players can choose different fields to participate, for example, if they choose a 5-player field, the game will start automatically after 5 people sign up.
Officials will charge 5% of the total ticket amount as a processing fee (50% of the processing fee will be used for the DAO vault and 50% will be permanently burned), and the remaining 95% share of XMETA will be minted for the final prize pool of the round
The following are details of the Space Jump prize pool allocations.
🛫Space battleship type
Space Jump uses the type of battleship to assign speed values, rather than a simple numerical competition. The specific performance is that the same type of space ships with the same rarity have the same value, but different types of battleships have different speed characteristics and the effect of using props. Players need to take into account the relevant factors of the speed competition, and then obtain the final champion.
🧰Props Type
Sapce Jump is another core of fun, we want to provide players with a tense and exciting experience without losing the fun of playing P2E. Sapce Jump is equipped with props, using props at the right time will be the key to win or lose your game.
Props can be purchased with XMETA tokens and require a 5 second cooldown each time they are used. If your purchased item is not used, the remaining items can be used in the next match.
Black hole prop: it can be used when the current ranking of your ship is not the first, after using it can make your ship in front of and is the top 3 ranking of a random ship to slow down. This prop has 3 seconds warning, after 3 seconds effective, slow down 1 second; players who are about to be slowed down can use the shield prop for protection; each game prop use limit 5times;.
Rocket prop: after using it, you can make your battleship accelerate for a period of time, lasting for 1 second, effective immediately, limited to 5 times per game.
Protective shield prop: After using it, you can resist the slowing effect of the black hole prop for 1 second, which takes effect immediately; the use of the prop is limited to 5 times per game.
👇Tap Features
During the race match, when the prompt animation of quick click appears in the screen, players can quickly tap the prompt button, and when the progress bar is full of energy, the battleship will be accelerated for a period of time.
Space Jump uses the rankings on the X-Metaverse website, so you can track the performance of battleships and check if they are qualified.
📅Check-in Bonus
Players who check in at “SIGN IN” in Space Jump every day will be rewarded with the corresponding props.