Space Jump Tutorial

Space Jump is a new simple and easy P2E racing game from X-Metaverse. Different from traditional racing games, players can not control the direction of the battleship, but it can using the props to gain BUFF to battleship and win.
Have you chosen a space battleship in Space Jump and want to know the best way to play it? This is our guide to the best racing in Space Jump.
How to enter the game (Web version only now)?
Option A: Click on Https to enter the X-Metaverse website, after connect your wallet, click on “Game/APP”, select “Space Jump” in the drop-down menu.
Option B: Click on Https to go directly to the Space Jump page.
For more information on participating in Space Jump, you can check out this Medium article here, and this guide will not describe much more.
P2E core: choose the type of battleship, not just 1 battleship
Space Jump’s battleships, like the PVP and PVE modes, they are divided into five types, and the change in type is basically a new type of battleship by adding or subtracting certain data from its own class. This makes Space Jump itself a high freedom to choose a battleship, so this change does not need to care too much, in the case of understanding the characteristics of the type, choose their favorite battleships can be.
Acceleration time: ☆☆☆☆☆
Recovery time: ☆
Maximum speed: ☆☆☆☆☆
Effect of prop use: None.
Interceptor has the highest speed without using props. Although other attributes are affected by the balance, it does not affect the charm of its super speed.
Acceleration time: ☆☆☆☆
Recovery time: ☆☆☆
Maximum speed: ☆☆☆☆
Effect of prop use: Use acceleration props to get greater speed.
The Destroyer is the second fastest, highest speed, highest prop adaptation and highest control space battleship, which is very good in Space Jump competition with acceleration and prop adaptation. When using acceleration props, the speed will even surpass the interceptor for a short time. If you are a player who often uses props, then you can try to use the destroyer.
Acceleration time: ☆☆
Recovery time: ☆☆☆☆
Maximum speed: ☆☆☆
Effect of prop use: Using the black hole prop, you can slow down your opponent even more.
Cruiser is the core battleship of the race, it can interfere with the enemy, mainly through the negative gain of the black hole props with a strong bonus, with teammates or with their own high recovery characteristics to take the victory at a critical time.
Acceleration time: ☆☆☆☆
Recovery time: ☆☆☆☆☆
Maximum speed: ☆☆☆☆☆
Effect of prop use: When the system triggers the Rocket Boost On acceleration mechanism, you can gain more speed.
Extremely explosive type of space battleship, no advantage nor disadvantage under the attribute, with the rear chase mechanism and acceleration props can explode a lot of speed, forming a leading advantage in distance. If you are after the feeling of rear chase to overtake, then the bombardment ship is recommended.
Acceleration time: ☆
Recovery time: ☆☆☆☆☆
Maximum speed: ☆
Effect of prop use: Use the tap function for acceleration to get more speed.
Frigate is a powerful supplementary battleships, recommended for use in multiplayer racing. Later we will add more tracks with the dot function to increase the application scenarios of the frigate, please look forward to its future development.
Basics knowledge: space battleship types attributes
The difference in battleship data is different from traditional racing games, a difference based on the type of battleship. In other words, the value of a single battleship is not a core consideration in our choice of entry battleship, or even a need to consider it, because the acceleration, recovery time and maximum speed of space battleships in the same battleship type are equal at the same rarity.
Maximum Speed
The Maximum speed determines the highest speed of a space battleship. the most important attribute in Space Jump.
The first thing to consider in Space Jump battleship selection is to pile up maximum speed, all other attributes need to be put on the back burner or even not considered. In Space Jump, all other attributes will give the highest speed reading attribute a fairly high penalty, resulting in the pursuit of the highest speed becomes a non-optimal solution.
Recovery time
Acceleration determines the time it takes for a space battleship to accelerate to its maximum speed.
In Space Jump, because it is proportional to the most important prop adaptation attribute, the higher the acceleration, the higher the prop adaptation attribute, so acceleration is a very popular attribute in the mainstream battleship selection. However, this attribute itself can only determine how fast or slow the acceleration is, and does not make the car faster.
Acceleration time
The acceleration time affects the duration of the space battleship when using rocket props to accelerate and trigger the back chase mechanism, this needless to say the longer the pit is set to last, the more advantageous it is to win the game.
Props suitability
The most noteworthy attribute is the hidden attribute “Props Suitability”. This attribute is the core of Space Jump’s battleship core concept. In Space Jump, not only does this attribute have a more pronounced effect on the length of acceleration time and strong opponents, but this attribute can also affect the speed of slowing others down, which is commonly known as “DEBUFF”. The BUFF of this attribute makes the battleship concept changed greatly, the excellent space battleship all have high Props Suitability attributes, empty most high-speed and prop adaptation reduced a lot of interceptor ships received a greater impact.
Chick in to get your daily rewards
Players can check in everyday at “SIGN IN” in Space Jump to get the corresponding item rewards. It can get a lot of resources for free.
Core gameplay: prop usage
Props can be purchased with XMETA tokens and require a 5 second cooldown each time they are used. If your purchased item is not used, the remaining items can be used in the next match.
Black hole prop
When the current ranking of your battleship is not the first, you can use it to slow down one of the random battleships in front of your battleship and in the top 3. This prop has 3 seconds warning, after 3 seconds effective, slow down 1 second; players who are about to be slowed down can use the shield prop for protection; each game prop use limit 5 times;.
Rocket prop
after using it, you can make your battleship accelerate for a period of time, lasting for 1 second, effective immediately, limited to 5 times per game.
Protective shield prop:
After using it, you can resist the slowing effect of the black hole prop for 1 second, which takes effect immediately; the use of the prop is limited to 5 times per game.
How to purchase props
Option A: Purchase outside the match.
1. Go to “SPACE JUMP” — “MY HANGAR” or just click and enter the player interface.
2. Click “Prop” to purchase with XMETA.
Option B: Purchase within a match.
1. click on the scales icon in the lower right corner.
2. Click on the item you want to buy and click “BUY” to purchase it.
Advancement tips for props
Acceleration Tips
There are a total of 3 acceleration ways in the game, which are acceleration props, tap to acceleration function, and additional “Rocket Boost On” acceleration randomly by the system. Using the above 3 ways, all of them can make the battleship to accelerate for a period of time. Thus, the distance between you and your opponent can be increased.
Super acceleration tips
The above different acceleration props can be used at the same time to make the battleship burst into greater acceleration and enter the super acceleration mode. When in the super acceleration mode, the acceleration effect of the battleship will be greatly increased, thus quickly pulling away from the opponent.
Black hole and acceleration props tips
You can slow down the player in front of you in the game and use acceleration yourself to make the speed difference between the two sides wider and quickly close the distance between you and your opponent.
Note: Multiple black hole props cannot stack and take effect on the same battleship, so when using black hole props, it is best to wait for the last black hole prop to expire before using it. So in multiplayer battles, if your opponent is slowed down by another player, you can immediately use the black hole prop, because the black hole prop time duration is 2 seconds and the warning time is 3 seconds, when that opponent’s black hole prop expires, then you may be slowed down again by a new black hole prop.
Sprint acceleration tips
Before you are about to reach the finish line, you will have a chance to point a little acceleration. If you keep an acceleration prop before the finish line, you can make the battleship enter the super acceleration mode, so that you can sprint at a faster speed.
Tips for multiplayer racing with more than 5 players
In a 5+ player race, since only the top 3 will be rewarded, it is crucial to cooperate with each other. The leading battleship may face continuous black hole attacks from other 4 battleships, so no battleship will always be in the leading position, how to use the three acceleration functions reasonably to burst out the maximum speed and overtake at the right time without giving the opponent time to react, testing the player’s control and reaction.
Invitation Bonus
1. When your friends participate in the racing competition, you can get 5% of the friend registration fee.
2. When your friend wins the first 10 games, you can get 5% of your friend’s bonus.
How to get
1. Click into “Space Jump” — “MY HANGAR”, click on “Invitation Reward”, copy your exclusive invitation link.
2. After sharing your invitation link to your friend bound relationship, when he completes the conditions, you can receive the invitation reward.
Note: The invitation system of the previous official website and Space Jump’s invitation system are the same invitation system, and the data is updated simultaneously. For more information and details, you can click Https to view.
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