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PVP Tutorial

Hello everyone, here we will introduce how to play X-Metaverse PVP mode.
First, we need to buy 3 space-battleships and 1 pilot on the marketplace, then go to the game page and click the "Formation" button to adjust your fleet.
There are 7 positions in the Adjust Fleet page where you can place your space-battleships. Position 1 is in front of the team, positions 2, 3 and 4 are in the middle of the team, and positions 5, 6 and 7 are at the back of the team.
You can adjust the fleet you want by clicking on positions 1-7 and selecting the space-battleship, then you can place the space battleship in the matching position.
Then click the button of the space-battleship right side and select a pilot for add on that space battleship. When we assign a pilot to a space battleship, we must pay attention to whether the battleship matches the pilot's skill, otherwise the pilot's skill will not be effective.
If you want to change the formation of the space battleship, just click the space-battleship, then click the position you want to change.
At least 3 space battleships and 1 pilot are require in the PVP. Following the steps above, we need to add 2 more space battleships to form a battle formation (in fact we can add 2 more pilots).
Click on "SAVE THE FLEET" to save the formation.
Then you need to go back to the game main page and click on the "PVP" button.
When entering PVP, we can see the Ranking list and the button to start the game, click "BEGIN" in the bottom right corner to start the PVP battle.
In the PVP season, Players can be competing with each other to improve their ranking, and you can check the information on the real-time updated leader-board. At the end of the season, the top ranked players will be rewarded with seasonal XMETA TOKEN.