Economy of Space-Battleship

Dynamic balance of XMETA and NFT

Increase demand for space-battleships:

Price rise> Ships building capacity rises> Token/ Ships building demand rises>Token price rises.


X-Metaverse is closely connected with the game ecosystem, and its value will be directly related to the success of the project.
Token is deflationary. Players/investors will be encouraged to hold and lead to natural and healthy price growth. This will be achieved in the following ways: Token will be required as the main form of in-game currency. Players need Token to pay for reproduction fees, advanced fees, purchase items, etc. In addition, all purchase and payment expenses will be burned by 4.75% Highest. With the development of the ecosystem, Token will have deflation naturally and makes $XMETA more valuable

The changes of Game Rules.

The non-transferable and competitive space-battleship in the arena changes the game rules, allowing players to focus on playing and enjoy the game without investing lots of money in advance and promoting them to invest in the core PvP game loop. They are more likely to invest to compete with others and gain control rather than make money.
Like many other types of games, collecting different space-battleships is fun and exciting. There are definitely rare collectibles which are very expensive and hard to acquired.
We construct the gameplay, in which you have clear goals and instructions on which space-battleships should be collected. You can show the unique and rare X-Metaverse NFT you have collected to others and unlock various in-game benefits. This type of gameplay is motivating and exciting for collectors and gamers.