Skill Card Encyclopedia

X-Metaverse's PVE game play mode is a turn-based card game, whose goal is to destroy all the opponent's battleships.
Each battleship has four parts of battleship skills, namely armor, thrusters, canon, and nuclear power.
And the battleships are divided into five type: frigate, interceptor, cruiser, destroyer, and bomber.
Skill cards are displayed in five different colors according to the type of battleships.
Frigate: card in green
Interceptor: card in purple
Cruiser: card in Blue
Destroyer: card in Red
Bomber ship: card in Yellow
In the marketplace, you can quickly distinguish the rarity of a battleship by the color of its skill cards, for example, when all 4 skill cards of a battleship are yellow and the battleship is a bomber, the battleship is a SSR bomber.
Skill card energy requirement: The amount of energy required to use the card. In battle PVE initial player has 4 points of energy and 3 points per turn to restore, PVP initial player has 3 points of energy and 3 points per turn to restore.
Attack: it is Indicates that this card's base attack damage, along with other factors will be affects this card's final damage.
Shield: it is indicates the shield value that this card can add to the battleship, and the shield value is used to offset the enemy's attack damage.
Card effects: different cards have different skill effects, card effects trigger time is divided into: quick attack (effective at the beginning of the battle), and normal skill cards (effective when the card is used).
Battle mechanics
1. Deck composition: Deck composition: The deck of the game is the number of skill cards of 3 battleships multiplied by 2, plus the number of navigator cards. That is, if it is 3 battleships + 1 pilot, the deck composition is 4 * 3 * 2 + 1 = 25 cards
2. Both players will get 6 random cards at the beginning of the battle, 2 random skill cards for each battleship, click on the skill card to select the card to enter the battle queue, click "end turn" to end the preparation phase and enter the battle phase.
3. The action bar is at the top of the game's battle interface, usually the fastest battleship is on the far left of the action bar, and the slowest battleship is on the far right of the action bar.
4. The skill cards that affect speed effects in the game are effective immediately this turn, so in some special games, the skill cards for slowing down and speeding up are important.
5. Usually the target of the battleship is one random enemy from the enemy front row, and only when the enemy front row is being destroy, it will attack the enemy back row. If you want to cross the enemy front row to attack the enemy back row, you need some skill cards that can change the target of the battleship, for example, skill cards that can attack the farthest target.
6. Once a battleship is targeted, all of the battleship's skill cards will attack that target this turn, and it cannot use its skill cards to shift its target again. If the target battleship has been killed before all the battleship's skill cards are dealt with, the remaining skill cards of the battleship will be discarded and no other battleship will be attacked. Therefore, during the battle, you need to anticipate the HP of enemy battleships to decide the number of cards to play for each battleship to prevent wasting skill cards and energy points.
7. In PVP battles, to prevent the battles time from taking too long, starting from the 15th round, 100 HP is automatically deducted from all battleships at the beginning of each round.
8. The same battleship can use up to 4 battleship skill cards + 1 pilot card in a turn, i.e. a battleship can use up to 5 skill cards in a turn.
9. The pilot skill cards in the game are "quick attack" skill cards, that is, the pilot's skill effects take effect at the beginning of the battle, so the pilot skill cards in the choice can be put at last, anyway, the effect is the first time to start.
10. Battleships in the game will get a 30% damage bonus when using skill cards of the same race, so try to choose a higher rarity battleship, which will allow you to win the battle more easily.
11. The debuff in the game are stack-able, so when you have multiple debuff skill cards, try to use them at the same time. For example, if you have 2 identical skill cards that can apply fear, use them at the same time, the enemy ship being attacked will lose its first 2 skill cards this turn, and those 2 skill cards will be unusable because of the fear effect.
12. Battleship has 4 attributes, which are HP, speed, extra attack power, and critical rate
HP: affects the maximum life value of the battleship, the higher the life value, the higher the maximum life value
Speed: affects the action order of the battleship, the higher the speed, the faster the battleship will act
Extra Attack: affects the final attack of the battleship, the higher the extra attack, the higher the final attack of the battleship
Critical rate: affects the critical rate of the battleship, the higher the critical rate, the higher the critical rate of the battleship.