Three kind of NFT

Three kind of NFT you can play to earn in X-Metaverse.

1. Pilot

They are the three major races of the knight galaxy. Two million years ago, the second Star War occurred in the universe. The war lasted for nearly 100,000 years. Many people lost their lives because of this war. After the war, the universe entered a period of calm, and the planets began to recuperate and rebuild. The Knight Galaxy has developed quickly in recent years. The reason is that Mankind, alien guardians, and AI-shells have been in peaceful coexistence, promoting the development of the Knight Galaxy.

2. Space-battleship

Space-Battleships are developed by the races of each galaxy, especially the three major races of the Knights galaxy. They are all good at developing battleships and are popular with planets in all galaxies in the universe. In view of the fact that every galaxy in the universe wants to dominate the universe, the three races of the knight galaxy only grant the technology of manufacturing battleships to their alliance planets.

3. Planet

There are many unexplored galaxy's planet in the universe. Every once in a while, the pilot of the three races of the Knight Galaxy will drive battleship to explore the unknown galaxies, so as to obtain more resources in the planets of the galaxies.


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