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X-Metaverse is a Star Wars game based on NFT+ blockchain exploration, mining, trading and battle. Allows players to collect, mine, breed, synthesize, battle, and trade token-based astronauts and battleships, called X-Metaverse. It has astronauts and different types of warships, each type has multiple skills.
X-Metaverse can be synthesized and copied arbitrarily, making them highly variable, usually rare and unique. Each X-metaverse objects has different attributes and advantages, which are irreplaceable. Players can engage in PVE and PVP battles. The winning team will get more experience points and rewards. There will be more P2E games in the future, so stay tuned!

Our Vision

X-Metaverse's vision is to create a integrated gaming ecosystem platform through the development of the gaming technology and the blockchain technology. On this platform, the decentralized features of blockchain earn players assets and tokens that can be traded on the open market. And there will be a purer and more complete value circulation and interaction between the value itself and the consumers - the game and the players - which in turn will promote further prosperity of the whole game industry. According to the perfect technical architecture support and game environment of X-Metaverse, the whole ecology will return to the new mode of fair competition of innovation, experience, technology and value, and realize more diversified and rich game applications.

Requirement of playing X-Metaverse

  • 1 Pilot
  • 3 space-battleship

Cosmic background

The sea of danger, doubt, and negation surrounds people’s small islands, while faith inspires people and makes them brave to face the unknown future. -Tagore
In the vastness galaxies, the Milky Way, Blaxy, Knight Galaxy, and those unexplored galaxies are collectively referred to as X-Metaverse . In X-Metaverse, there are different intelligent lives. They develop, expand, and invade, all trying to become the overlord of the universe.
Two million years ago, the second star war occurred in the universe, and the war lasted nearly 100000 years, which plunged the people into misery and suffering, many lives end and corpses everywhere. After the war, the universe entered a period of calm, and all galaxies began to recuperate and reconstruction. Among them, the purple pupil galaxy has developed particularly rapidly in recent years.
The planet on the Knight galaxy is surrounded by purple light, which looks like deep purple eyes from a distance. It is mysterious and frightening. Smart mecha, alien guardian and human are the three most powerful races in X-Meta. They are a group of brave warriors, optimistic, brave, righteous and energetic. When the disaster strikes, the war burned again. For protecting the eople of the same race, they put on thick armor again and meet unknown challenges one after another.
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